Street Artists During Holidays

Hey guys! I welcome you all to another fun experience of sharing our common ideas and thoughts as a group of street artists. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no offence) you understand that vacations are arriving and in many cases have already arrived. The last few day that have gone by are quite vacation based. I want to talk about the opportunity to use these days, when all people are out shopping, to get your message across to them. 


As street artists, we all have a message we want to share. Something we have to say. And we find music, art, theater and all of those art forms as a great vehicle to transfer those thoughts. I invite you all, to think of the power of the holidays. These days, there are more people on the streets than ever before. This means, that if you really have a message you want people to learn-hear, this is your shot. The good news is that you aren’t late to the party. People will be shopping so much for Christmas that is coming up. But don’t waste another minute. Get out there and start performing. If you haven’t got a message, then what are you doing on the streets?

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Behavior of street artists toward US elections. Neutral?

clinton-electionI know I’m about a week late with this post to talk about the election results and upset win of our now (to be) President Trump. However, I wasn’t very interested in getting caught up in all the heat that was created the last few days, with the “shocking” election results. The whole intention of this blog, is to give people an opportunity to have an open mind, and for street artists to have something to read that is more related to them: their problems, their moral conflicts and issues. Bottom line is: I wan’t to avoid political climates. So for everyone that messaged me about this, that’s the main reason I didn’t post something sooner. Keep on sending me your messages though!

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A Different Kind Of Art.

When we think of art and street artists especially, some specific art forms come in mind: musicians, actors, comedy, painting, puppets etc.

As we’ve mentioned in probably all posts published up to now, art is the expression of our feelings and ideas, via a way we see fit (whether that is music or anything.) What if the art we created had more substance to it, besides just feelings? Sure, if you are feeling blue and are kind of depressed, you will want to express that to people. But what happens when we try to express our anger for some wrong doing (for example wars that are taking place, or people that are starving.) What can we do then, to highlight the importance of solving those social issues?

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The difference between original street artists and “business artists.”

There is a huge difference between someone that is performing on the streets for the money, and uses a luxury limo company such as this one and someone that arrives in a bicycle, with the one and only purpose of entertaining the audience with something fresh and original. Unfortunately, there are so many hypocritical acts out there, living on the backs of original and authentic artists. So what happens is, we come in and set a solid foundation or honest artistry, and then they – dressed in costumes – walk in pretending to care about the “street.”

To be honest, I’ve had it with these people. How can you identify them? Most of the times they will look phony, and gladly they are being ignored people. I mentioned in the post Beautiful art… that the people walking by are not idiots. Even they, can identify an original from a fraud. And I’m happy to see that “street justice” takes care of those hypocrites.

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An Interesting Street Artist I Met

In this post what I want to do, is share a very interesting experience – a very unique experience I had the opportunity to be a part of, by meeting a terrific and very talented person.

Many times we see the same old kind of artist: your guitar player, juggler or street painter. And these forms of art are all fine. As we mentioned in a previous article, art should be a unique creation of a person that expresses his own feelings and not the ones other people want him to have. In other words, authenticity should be the bottom line. But when you get the chance to see a different kind of artist, that picture is painted in your mind for a very long time.

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Beautiful art…

What I will try to do with this article, is highlight expressions we use daily when describing the art we are viewing, listening or sensing. Moreover I want to give my perspective on what we should be considering “good art” or “beautiful art.”

Well, that is exactly it. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you what good art looks like or sounds like. It’s supposed to be something unique for everyone and each person needs to have a personal expressed opinion on the art form he is engaging with. Some people may enjoy theater over music, or painting over something else. And even within the same art form, there is such a great variety of the styles used that we shouldn’t get our selves caught up in those types of conversations.

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Who am I? Let’s meet each other!

As you probably know by now, my name is Alex Johnson and I am a street artist. I mentioned in another part of the site that my sole goal will be through this site to share some personal experiences that I have gained through the years. Most importantly though, I want to listen to your stories. So my hope is that this will be a starting point for more street artists to open up and share their stories. My dream is to build this platform to a point where everyone is connected and having a wonderful creative time.

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Wow! We did it!

I can’t believe it that my site is up and running already. That’s so amazing! Well guys, I welcome you to a new adventure, a new project and a new experience. I believe we are going to have a wonderful time together, and I can’t wait to get my first post up and running.

Have many great things to show you all and I hope you enjoy every ounce of it.

Visit back my site later today or tomorrow, as I will be creating fresh new material for you to get an idea of this site and what the heck it’s all about.

I appreciate you all!