Street Artists During Holidays

Hey guys! I welcome you all to another fun experience of sharing our common ideas and thoughts as a group of street artists. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no offence) you understand that vacations are arriving and in many cases have already arrived. The last few day that have gone by are quite vacation based. I want to talk about the opportunity to use these days, when all people are out shopping, to get your message across to them. 


As street artists, we all have a message we want to share. Something we have to say. And we find music, art, theater and all of those art forms as a great vehicle to transfer those thoughts. I invite you all, to think of the power of the holidays. These days, there are more people on the streets than ever before. This means, that if you really have a message you want people to learn-hear, this is your shot. The good news is that you aren’t late to the party. People will be shopping so much for Christmas that is coming up. But don’t waste another minute. Get out there and start performing. If you haven’t got a message, then what are you doing on the streets?

But because most of us have something to share with the world, I urge you to take advantage of this day where people are on buying mode. Who knows? You may actually convince some conservatives that climate change is not a hoax and it’s dangerous for everyone (most importantly our planet.) Or you may be able to get a group of elderly people to understand the importance of giving a fair shot to all citizens – not just the privileged ones. I mean the messages are endless and the opportunities to communicate them, great! I won’t try to beat a dead horse here, but just go out and start performing.

Since holidays are when people come together in peace and start creating bonds of friendship again, why not go meet some other fellow street artists? I know that you may have some hatred or jealousy towards some of the nearby performers. But again, in a spirit of loving everyone for their flaws, go meet a fellow performer and have a discussion with him/her. I mean, if you really get along well, even perform together. I think people walking by will really appreciate that effort. If you see me on some street performing (you’ll recognize me, I’m always shouting to get people’s attention) make sure you come and say hello. But of course as always, you can greet me virtually as well.

I understand that most of you find this day as an amazing opportunity to get more money since you also need to buy things for the holidays. I am not opposing that need – want of yours. What I am saying though is: don’t give up the opportunity of sending a message some people may actually consider listening to. Don’t give up this amazing chance to reach the hearts of other people. Because I know that everyone seems happy and super happy to shop all their money away. But deep inside, there are many people crying. You have an opportunity to take those tears away and put a smile (an honest smile) on their face, or even their children. Do not underestimate your power as a street performer. As I’ve said elsewhere: if you want to be another powerless performer, go hide in one of the concert halls for the rest of your life. If you want though to take advantage of this opportunity given to you, then get out of your hiding place and back on the street.

I appreciate you all reading my posts and I surely hope you are enjoying them. Many more to come. I really am grateful for everyone spending even a second of their life reading this post today. I know there are places you need to be at, but instead you are spending time doing some quality reading. For that I’m grateful!

‘Till next time then…

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