Behavior of street artists toward US elections. Neutral?

clinton-electionI know I’m about a week late with this post to talk about the election results and upset win of our now (to be) President Trump. However, I wasn’t very interested in getting caught up in all the heat that was created the last few days, with the “shocking” election results. The whole intention of this blog, is to give people an opportunity to have an open mind, and for street artists to have something to read that is more related to them: their problems, their moral conflicts and issues. Bottom line is: I wan’t to avoid political climates. So for everyone that messaged me about this, that’s the main reason I didn’t post something sooner. Keep on sending me your messages though!

In this post, I want to talk about artists and the way they should behave to this result, to this current situation – and described by many – ¬†current issue. You won’t get me talking about political preferences (although I must say that most of us are more left wing lovers), but I want to talk about the truth. The truth is, you hold a very significant role in this society we live in. You are something better than all the media and hypocritical talking. You are people that are in the lives of everyday people, interacting with them on the street. So it is your duty, to speak the truth. What does the truth mean? The truth in this case means that although you are allowed to “take sides”, if you are to talk about something that is real and truthful, that is that now Donald Trump will be our President for 4 years. Love it or hate it, that is the fact. Going out on the streets protesting for this, is not democratic. I know that most of you street artists don’t participate in these kind of things because you are still very moral, but some unfortunately fall for this type of behavior. Guys and gals: Our country is a free nation and has laws that protect all citizens within our boarders. Being a free and democratic nation, we are obligated to accept any election results may occur. The will of the people (in this case states) is what determines our leaders. Yes, Hillary Clinton won’t get to be our president. But maybe it’s for the good. Do you know 100% that Donald Trump will be a bad president? Of course not. In fact elections tell us that more people believe he is fit to be president, than the ones that don’t believe so. I know some of you are boiling with anger, but you are obligated to accept the will of “the people.” Once you lose respect for an election process, you end up with situations like China and Russia. And believe me: street artists aren’t treated very well there.

As an artist, your purpose is to speak the truth. So when Trump becomes our president, you will have a duty to talk, sing and act about things you like or don’t like that he does. But to try and figure out the future, without him even stepping into the oval office yet, is foolish. Back in 2008, Barack Obama won the presidential election. I am sure many people were upset about it. However they didn’t burn down flags or burn places. And no one should, no matter what happens. That flag has a lot of blood shed onto it, and many people (maybe not our politicians) have dedicated their lives to allow it to live. Please don’t be disrespectful towards America and yourself. Speak the truth, and spread the love. It’s for the greater good! Stay cool and remain amazing!

A week ago, I posted an article speaking about artists being biased. You may want to check it out, as it ties into this perfectly. And as always: watch out for more material in upcoming days!


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