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What I will try to do with this article, is highlight expressions we use daily when describing the art we are viewing, listening or sensing. Moreover I want to give my perspective on what we should be considering “good art” or “beautiful art.”

Well, that is exactly it. I shouldn’t be the one to tell you what good art looks like or sounds like. It’s supposed to be something unique for everyone and each person needs to have a personal expressed opinion on the art form he is engaging with. Some people may enjoy theater over music, or painting over something else. And even within the same art form, there is such a great variety of the styles used that we shouldn’t get our selves caught up in those types of conversations.

Another thing I think is important to point out (at least this is how I feel): We should let other people tell us how our art feels, sounds or looks. It’s easy for me to consider my poetic construction a majestic piece of art because I made it. Other people viewing or listening to what you created, should be the ones to “judge” it. So make sure you get some honest people around you or disregard judgmental people that aren’t providing constructive feedback.

You’ll see now how everything I say connects to the next topic of discussion: Should we apply our art to other people’s needs and wants? Or should we stay original to what we do, even if nobody likes it?

When you are a street artist, many times you try to please people walking by so that they tip you for what you are doing. But that isn’t always good. In fact, if you are only playing something people will like and it doesn’t match your opinion, then you are being a hypocrite. The sweet spot is when what you are creating is unique, real and people like it too.

But art isn’t supposed to be perfect or look perfect. There are no rules to art and especially when it comes to street artists, we shouldn’t abide to any “art rules.” That’s the reason we aren’t performing in the big concert halls. That’s the reason I’m a street artist. I at least disagree when we need to title things and label art. It brings in an artificial piece that just doesn’t fit the rest of the picture. You need to be real, you need to be true to yourself.

Having said this, if you are trying to play an instrument and you aren’t good at it, then definitely try to improve yourself. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be more professional at what you do. What I am saying, is that you shouldn’t stick to the type of tunes people like dancing to. If that makes you dance, then be my guest. But don’t try to please everyone, just so you are well perceived.

Why? Well:

  1. I don’t think you can fake what you are doing very well. People can tell if you are being true to yourself, or if you are imitating other behaviors.
  2. You need to find your audience. You can’t expect everyone to like you and what you do. You will eventually find those people that enjoy listening or watching you, and you know what they’ll say? “This guy is the most original artist on the street.”
  3. It’s ethical. In fact, it’s unethical to try and be someone you are not. If you are doing that, please stop as you aren’t supporting true art. If you are looking to be fancy and likable, go to the big concert halls and stuff your music there.


You can look or be like the guy below or really anyone you want to be. You can act anyway you like, but most importantly, you need to look and act like yourself.


The purpose of this post wasn’t to point a finger at you. Initially I just wanted to talk about the way we describe art that we sense and got sidetracked within my thoughts.

If there would be any message here for you, that would be that you are the one to determine what is beautiful and good. You as a viewer, not the creator. You as a viewer will vote that artist in our out. And even if you don’t like him, that’s fine as other people will. So in the case that you are the creator, the same thing applies: Some people will like you and some people wont. It’s perfectly fine and that’s the beauty of it all. Never though accept from anyone to try and preach what “real art is.” If you do come across someone like that, tell them to contact me. I am not going to start any debate. I just want to have great experiences with people and share ideas. My opinion on this matter happens to be, that art does not abide to any rules. Even better: Art should not abide to any rules or limitations.

Let your soul fly…

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