An Interesting Street Artist I Met

In this post what I want to do, is share a very interesting experience – a very unique experience I had the opportunity to be a part of, by meeting a terrific and very talented person.

Many times we see the same old kind of artist: your guitar player, juggler or street painter. And these forms of art are all fine. As we mentioned in a previous article, art should be a unique creation of a person that expresses his own feelings and not the ones other people want him to have. In other words, authenticity should be the bottom line. But when you get the chance to see a different kind of artist, that picture is painted in your mind for a very long time.

This guy I met, actually had roots from Greece and Greek traditions. But that’s not the exciting part of what I saw. He had Greek traditional music playing in the background, and in the front row he had some puppets that were pretending to play that music. Therefore he had small figures playing different Greek traditional instruments that were all attached to strings and controlled by him. He was so talented and hilarious in what he did, that those figures would even act. For example the one music player would bump the other for not playing nice, or making mistakes. These little humans would take bows and clap to the traditional music. It was a charming thing to watch.

At some point, a young child wanted to participate in this music-theatrical performance, and the street artist gave him one of the figures to play along to the music. Being reckless and inexperienced, the child could not follow along to the music so the other figures would bump his figure, trying to “help” him get on track with the music.

This act included traditional music, theater, comedy, and even some education (considering the history explanation he would provide the audience with.) You really couldn’t compete against this guy. He knew everything about his music and act. The audience seemed to really enjoy it too. The street was soon filled with people, tracking the performance on camera (or as many said, even on live social media feed.) Unfortunately I wasn’t able to video tape this event, but I’m pretty sure it’s all over the Internet by now. Try checking Youtube for any uploads. You will probably come up with something. If you still can’t find it, contact me.

Because I don’t have footage to show you of this, I figured I would share with you below my favorite street performance online. Always come back for more. Enjoy!

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