The difference between original street artists and “business artists.”

There is a huge difference between someone that is performing on the streets for the money, and uses a luxury limo company such as this one and someone that arrives in a bicycle, with the one and only purpose of entertaining the audience with something fresh and original. Unfortunately, there are so many hypocritical acts out there, living on the backs of original and authentic artists. So what happens is, we come in and set a solid foundation or honest artistry, and then they – dressed in costumes – walk in pretending to care about the “street.”

To be honest, I’ve had it with these people. How can you identify them? Most of the times they will look phony, and gladly they are being ignored people. I mentioned in the post Beautiful art… that the people walking by are not idiots. Even they, can identify an original from a fraud. And I’m happy to see that “street justice” takes care of those hypocrites.

I don’t want to be cynical or express hatred. I just think these phony artists are poisoning what we have fought for years, to establish. I just don’t think it’s fair for someone else to walk in and harvest everything we have worked for.

It’s not even about the money. Anyone that goes out on the streets to perform, does it more because of the attitude and message they are trying to send across. If you are performing on the streets just to make a buck and you don’t believe in what you do, then get out before others identify you. Having said this, I think it’s equally justified for people that are actually honest about what they do, to be rewarded based on their performance.

Business has no place within art. And let me rephrase this by saying: business should not have any place in art, especially street art. That’s why we are on the streets. If we wanted the riches, we would play in concert halls, manufactured and carved out music pieces. By the way, if you want to discuss this and share an extra idea or two, please let me know. I’m not preaching anything to anyone. And the purpose of this platform I have created, is to exchange thoughts and ideas. So feedback and communication from all of you, is greatly desired.

For me, a street artist can look like any one of the pictures below. In fact, a street artist should not even look anything like the people below, simply because it has to be fresh and unique. cello-artist-on-street


Because I hate repeating myself, I believe the takeaway here should be: Be true to yourself, be true to your audience and fans but most importantly be true to your art. Honesty is all we have left.

See you on the next posts.

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